Chie Annaka

Chie Annaka who works as a food director while having the qualification of a registered dietician. Chie Annaka is a famous dietician, health expert and a proficient book writer from Tokyo, Japan.

After studying French cuisine and confectionery at Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, studied nutrition at the Women's Nutrition University. After completing graduate school, she worked in Tanita Co., Ltd., planning and developing new businesses, and producing restaurants. Years of experience as a writer about health, fitness and diet she is now associated with our company Invigorate Foods.

Annaka Chie

She has written numerous books on nutrition and health which are published in major Japan magazines. Her latest addition to book writing is a Korean book which is published in Korea and a book that is being published in Taiwan.  

She believes that a balanced diet is an essential part of your lifestyle & says it's important to listen to your voice when trying a new diet.

Annaka who had stayed in six countries around the world since childhood is curious to eat healthy; she was a child who showed a particular interest in fresh food. “I was interested in cooking in earnest in my college days, when I started exploring the future. I entered Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo and studied French cuisine and confectionery”. However, in the cooking industry at that time, the prejudice that women were not recognized as a professional cook still remained, and it was a harsh environment.

So, as a cook, Ms. Annaka studied nutrition to gain unique features. After graduating from a general university, she re-entered the Women's Nutrition University.

Ms. Annaka, who is delivering food and health to survive the coming era, with a high level of expertise and a focus on general consumers.

Make daily shopping and food choices with care for eating and cooking methods that do not place a burden on the environment. As a result, they should be concerned about the nutritional balance and lead to a healthy body.